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Winterfest Mullingar

I have been priviliged to volunteer with the Winterfest Mullingar committee this year.It is so rewarding to see the ice rink up and running in such a spectacular setting on the pond in the town park. The project is finally coming together after all the hard work. Such a pleasure to work with the professional team from Mullingar Chamber of Commerce; so easy to work with people who see the benefit in doing things the best and safest way.

Thank you for the nice recognition guys

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H&S Audit for Center Parcs

Looking forward to carrying out a H&S audit this week for a client currently working on the first Centre Parcs to be located in Ireland. The site is only 20 minutes from Mullingar in Ballymahon, Co. Longford and is due to open Summer 2019. It will be interesting to see what I imagine will be high standards of H&S in place on such an expansive and busy construction site.

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Volunteering on Winterfest Mullingar 

October – November 2018

Its been an extremely busy few months working on a substantial local project on a voluntary basis. Winterfest Mullingar had a hugely succesful launch on 23rd November and continues for 6 weeks until the 6th Jan 2019. Featuring an impressive ice rink, tickets available at and a Christmas Market starting 6th Dec. Great to take on challenges such as these projects.

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Excellent initiative as HSA launch inspection of hardware stores and discount stores to identify non-compliant hazardous chemicals

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has today (Monday 11th September) launched a nationwide inspection campaign targeted at discount and hardware stores. The aim is to ensure that hazardous chemical products for sale to consumers, and professionals, comply with the relevant EU chemical legislation, which is designed to improve chemical safety.

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Surprise HSA visit

During a regular H&S advisor visit to a customer this week, a HSA Inspector arrived for the customers first ever inspection. Much to the customers relief, I was on-site to assist with the inspection, soothe their initial panic and ensure everything proceeded smoothly. The customer was delighted with the outcome; the HSA Inspector was satisfied and so it was a good result for all concerned.

While discussing the ins-and-outs of the inspection afterwards, the customer admitted that things would have been very different if they had not engaged the services of a H&S advisor, such as myself. The inspection and outcome would not have been so pleasant. This was their only HSA inspection in 12 years of business. The customer now feels more focused on H&S; more comfortable in handling any future HSA visits and correspondance and has the peace of mind that goes with that.


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HSA issue excellent practical guidance for H&S in the hospitality sector

The HSA have published user friendly guidance documents for the hospitality sector. Included in the documents are guidance on the H&S requirements and sector specific assistance with carrying out hazard identification and risk assessments. Plenty of examples are included – Ovens, meat slicers, goods lifts, kegs, swimming pools, upkeep of grounds etc. The guidance is available for free download on This is a must for anyone working in the hospitality sector- bars, hotels, restaurants, spas, leisure clubs etc.

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HSA & RSA issue new ‘Driving for work – a guide for employers’ CD.

Driving for work includes any person who drives on a road as part of their work either in:
A company vehicle; or
Their own vehicle and receives an allowance from their employer for miles driven.
This guidance is in response to the statistics that indicate that up to 75 road deaths each year involve people that are using their vehicles for work. Further information and free downloads are available on and